Tuesday, 31 March 2009

F1 Video Races Uploaded

Hi guys, I'm really sorry cause I cannot record and upload the race from Star Sport Channel. This is because I'm currently at Sabah (Malaysia East - see map) where the TV signal is very-very poor. I'm even cannot watch the race here. I'm just refer to www.f1-live.com as my reference website. I'm doing my job here until end of July 2009. When I'm come back to Selangor (see map), I'm able again to watch,record and upload to this blog. The race from Aug2009 till end will be uploaded here. I'm really sorry about what happen. Thanks for visit my blog. I'm only can upload to Youtube the picture video for qualifying and race results from Aus race to end July races.

Again, sorry and thanks a lot.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

F1 2009 - Australia Race Results and Standings

F1 2009 - Australia Qualifying Result and Grid Position